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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Hey Challenger Fanatics!


Today was the first game of our Spring 2021 Season and it was amazing! We had a great turnout and a great game. It was a hard fought, tooth and nail game but they played so hard out there today. I cannot express how proud of them I am and how lucky I am to be able to be their coach. Thank you to all the family and friends who came out today to cheer them on and give them so much encouragement. If we did not have supporters like you we would not have the league that we have today. It was so awesome seeing so many veteran players along with the new players. Thank you to the veteran players and their families for making the new kids and their families feel welcome to the league. Our next game is next Sunday, April 18th at the Heritage Sports Complex, Field 5. I updated on our website the correct address for the field so I apologize for the confusion today. I hope everyone has a great week of work and school. See you next weekend. Love and miss you all.


Coach Shannon
















Fan's Corner
April Birthdays

I wanted to wish the following great KC Metro Challenger Football players a very Happy April Birthday:

Aman Mirza                        Emma Langston

Amir Pickens                      Ava Langston

Angel Harrell                      Jacob Tomandl

Ben Avery                          Kayden Benson

Brandon Webb                 Kelsyn Rooks, Jr.

Bruce Thompson             Kip Sumbaei

Caeden Kephart               Liam Howlett

Tre Collier                          Mac Lyerly

Chase Wilson                    Mason Falkner

Dan Walker                       Michael D. Flanagan III

Davie Devlin                     Quincy Adams

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