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Monday, February 3, 2020

Hey Challenger Enthusiasts!


I wanted to say a big congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for winning the superbowl!!! I also wanted to say we are so excited for our Spring 2020 season to start this year. As soon as I get the Spring schedule I will email it to you all and post it on Facebook and on our website. I hope everyone is having a great week of work and school. Thank you all for the love and support you bring to the league. I cannot say thank you enough for believing in me and in the league. We miss and love you all very much and we will see you soon.


Coach Shannon






Fan's Corner
February Birthdays

I wanted to wish the following great KC Metro Challenger Football players a very Happy February Birthday:

Aarush Samudrala                     Koen Jaynes

Amanda Vahle                            Ryan Stack

Bailey Harmon                           Spencer Reabe

Dayton Claudell                         Tyler Beaty

Finley Dwight                             Tyler Huber

James Davis                               Zeeshan Mirza

John Paul Underwood

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